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!NOTICE! WE ARE CURRENTLY MIGRATING ALL WEB CONTENT TO THIS NEW TEMPLATE. FULL WEBSITE FUNCTIONALITY MAY BE TEMPORARILY DISRUPTED.  WE WILL BE ALL DONE REAL SOON.  THANK YOU FOR VISITING MODUS OPERANDI DESIGN.   Welcome. You are in the right place to find full service architectural services from the inception of your project‘s conceptual essence, to construction oversight of your place, space, home or business. Thank you for coming to see Modus Operandi Design. Just call us MOD!

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At Modus Operandi Design, we aim to treat each square foot, surface, and space with the same attention to detail, regardless of project size and scope. Everything from an entire building to a custom millwork insert is our opportunity to create something special for you to appreciate and enjoy for years to come. Through the pursuit of the best living through building quality designs, we want to improve the environment and strengthen the community one client at a time.


Jes Stafford, AIA

Owner. President. Architect.





Annmarie Stafford

Owner. Marketing Director.






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“Architecture is an expression of values.”

~Norman Foster


Dwelling on... Topics covering clients, architects, building, and living nicely. Is there a topic you would like to see covered? Let us know.

5 Jul 2015

Summer Getaway

Dwelling on The Summer Break and Getaways Another post in the #Architalks blogging series.  #Architalks is organized by Bob Borson at Life of an Architect . A group of architects writes blog posts around a single theme or subject and posts them all at the same time, ensuring a good range of various takes on the subject or theme. Last month we wrote a post on our THREE FAVORITE WORDS.  This time we write on the theme SUMMER BREAK.  I hope

23 Jun 2015

I Am Listening

Dwelling on Three Words   Another post in the #Architalks blog post series. This month's theme - MY THREE FAVORITE WORDS.   When the theme for this post was issued, there was a rush of three word phrases and three word combinations that came to mind. Let’s do lunch. Let’s get started. Let’s go sailing. Let’s go fishing. We’re almost there. We made it! Make it happen. This looks great! It’s all yours. Here’s the

23 Jun 2015

Homework – Demolition

Dwelling on #DesignersBuilding - A DIY Blog Series This blog series is an account of what happens when an architect, me, pushes past design and single-handedly tackles the renovation of a well-liked, lived-in space from design through demolition and to construction. I look forward to sharing with you my discoveries, the challenges, and the solutions. Please share your stories of renovation and remodeling in the comments section of this page, DIY or not. Sunroom - Before  Beginning A highlighting

23 Jun 2015

Making Space and the Favorite Place

Another post in the #Architaclks blog post series. Steam rises from a mug of morning goodness to catch the rays of the rising sun that streak sparingly at their shallow angle through the bay window. The spider fern there bends – reaches and joins a dance as a breeze catches the sheer curtains, briefly billowing into the room. The morning breeze makes its way over and buffers the rising steam and makes little ripples in

19 Jan 2015

Numbers Games

Life of an Architect's Bob Borson asked for a little blurb to the question about being good at Math, architects being good at math, to be specific. Here's $0.02 that I sent his way. "Architects should be math ninjas. The aspiring architect should rush headlong into math as if charging into a field of battle. Math is an education in problem solving and of knowing what is asked. There are few stronger parallels to all


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Are you considering commissioning an architect for your project? Your decision to pursue quality customized design and construction will benefit you now as well as future generations. At Modus Operandi we want to help you achieve your goals. We work with you to identify your core values, key ideas and design goals to create a tangible and sensible return on your investment. Discover how working with an architect can ensure your space reflects your character while enhancing life in ways you have never dreamed. Let's get your project started TODAY!

James Edgar Stafford, AIA
Modus Operandi Design ~ 828-891-7778 direct ~ 800-595-4047 toll free

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Great design can improve the quality of your living environment. The fabric of your built context unfolds around you with every movement in every moment.  A well designed context wraps around and embraces you.  A poorly designed or accidental context bumps and pokes and subliminally repels you. Living is better when living in a context employing the language, rhythms, harmonies and resonance of architecture.