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Great design changes how you live and improves the quality of your living environment. The fabric of your built context unfolds around you with every movement in every moment.  A well designed context wraps around and embraces you.  A poorly or accidental context bumps and pokes and subliminally repels you.  Living is better when living in a context employing the language, rhythms, harmonies and resonance of Architecture.

Your decision to pursue quality customized design and construction will benefit you now as well as future generations. At Modus Operandi we want to help you achieve your goals.

We work with you to identify your core values, key ideas and design goals to create a tangible and sensible return on your investment. Discover how working with an architect can ensure your space reflects your character while enhancing life in ways you have never dreamed.

Jes Stafford, Owner

Modus Operandi Design, PLLC
Licenses Current in NC, TN