The Role of Visionary Interlude – Mexico City Earth-Scraper

Dwelling on Exploration in Design... Why do architects work up and present grand un-built concept projects?  They are entertaining. They are inspiring. They exercise one’s ability to solve problems, develop solutions, and defend ideas, especially during tough times where there are spare hours over the drawing board.  There is unrealized value that builds on the inspiration.  It would be fantastic to know how many people saw the article linked below, and were inspired to the

13 Jun 2013

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Dwelling on a blog... What is MODwelling? I have pondered this more than many times since we launched Modus Operandi Design, PLLC. I have certain frustrations for modern policies, politics, and posturing that go into making a great piece of architecture. I also value their place in providing public safety and welfare with artistic value. The balance of frustration with and acceptance of the policies, politics, and posturing is only one example of the dance