A Day in the Life of MODarchitect

Dwelling on A Day in the Life...  The fourth post in the #Architaclks blog post series. Introducing The Client to the Super at the topping off ceremonies of Fletcher Town Hall The following is a somewhat accurate recollection of "a day in the life" on nineteenth of November, two thousand fourteen. Information is omitted to protect the guilty, my privacy, your reading pleasure and the innocent from the thoughts I have or things I say when I am

Architectural Story Telling – Discovery of a Passion

The third post in the #Architaclks blog post series.It was another one of those nights.  I floated out of a deep sleep to semi-consciousness.  A pleasant dream stirred and dissolved in the wake of thoughts regarding real life.  This slight disappointment became bitter when the numbers on the clock across the room came into dark focus.  There are oo many minutes before beginning the day to get out of bed, too few to go back to