26 Oct 2015

The Right Questions – Programming a Project

Dwelling on... The Importance of Programming as The First Step in a Project Intentions Confounded by Directions “What can I do for you?” the handyman said. “I want to push a button right here to open the garage door.” Tom answered, gesturing with one finger to the inside wall by the back door and pointing with the other toward the detached garage . Little did Tom know, these directions were going to cost more than he

12 Oct 2015

Architect as Citizen

Dwelling on … What it is to be a Citizen Architect?   Another post in the #ArchiTalks blogging series.  #ArchiTalks is organized by Bob Borson at Life of an Architect. A group of architects writes blog posts around a single theme or subject and posts them all at the same time, ensuring a good range of various takes on the subject or theme. Last month we wrote a post on the theme of WORK/LIFE in

8 Oct 2015

Homework – Rain Delay Rails

Dwelling on #DesignersBuilding - A DIY Blog Series This blog series is an account of what happens when an architect, me, pushes past design and single handedly tackles some renovation; from design through demolition and to construction. I look forward to sharing with you my discoveries, the challenges, and the solutions. Please share your stories of renovation and remodeling in the comments, DIY or not. Rain Delay If you have caught on to my every-other-week-post-schedule,