28 Dec 2015


Dwelling on… Changes for Modus Operandi Design and an exciting new chapter in my career journey in architecture.   via www.reimaginework.com A couple of blog posts ago, I did a preview of future posts.  Look for those in the forthcoming weeks. For today, though, I would like to share with you some exciting news about transitions at MOD.   via www.emaze.com FANFARE After nearly five years of running a start-up firm, the time has come

21 Dec 2015

Looking Back on AIA Asheville 2015

Dwelling on... the year serving as President of AIA Asheville. Last Tuesday, on the 15th, we held the 2015 AIA Asheville Christmas Party. There is a write up about it at the Modern Asheville website. In keeping with tradition, I passed the crown, which happens to be a Santa hat to Nathan Bryant of Samsel Architects. I also had the pleasure of announcing that our Executive Assistant, Mary Fierle was voted to Honorary Membership and

14 Dec 2015

Homework – Home Stretch Preview

Dwelling on... a preview of the final steps and days of this homework project. And some other stuff. We have had the great time lately with my brother-in-law, Ed,  visiting. Routines are nice and comfortable, but when they get challenged by life's curve balls, or in-home-guests for a long stay, life get's interesting.  It gives the opportunity to rediscover local favorites, adjust habits, appreciate new conversations, and value time together.  Below is a picture from (another)

7 Dec 2015

The Way of the Samurai Architect – One

Dwelling on… How the Way of the Samurai can be used to improve one’s pursuit of happiness through work, trade, or profession. This is the first in a new series that expands on terms heard in architects' and interns' circles like BIMJA, CAD-JITSU, WARRIOR INTERN and other notions that metaphorically equate up-and-coming architects to lethal martial artists. I haven’t had any formal martial arts training. However, the discipline, practice, and pursuit of personal perfection inherent