28 Mar 2016

On Drawing – Foundations of Skill

Dwelling on… Cultivating the skill of drawing. I started a new project at the beginning of March. The career and vocational technology education (CATE) center building will be an opportunity for our design team to illustrate the process of computer aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) in making that CATE center come to exist. We met last week about BIM standards and the basics of how construction documents should look. A problem came

21 Mar 2016

Periscope, Anchor, and the Commuter Architect

Dwelling on... Leveraging Periscope and Anchor to enhance the modarchitect social media presence.   Announcement for the : : Ride with MODarchitect # AskTheArchitect : : afternoon periscope broadcast. Engaging vs. Consuming I have been delivering tidbits of architectural narrative content, one social media bite at a time and this post is to tell you a little about that operation. After transitioning to McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, a career move you can read about here, I

14 Mar 2016

The Way – A Compilation

Dwelling on... how the Way of the Samurai can be used to improve one’s pursuit of happiness through work, trade, or profession.   The following is a compilation of every post in the Way of the Samurai Architect series, assembled for your convenience and reading pleasure in following my thoughts on how an ancient Japanese Text, the Hagakure aka The Book of the Samurai, can lend itself to every day battles in modern life, and becoming

14 Mar 2016

The Way of the Samurai Architect – Five and Final

Dwelling on how the Way of the Samurai can be used to improve one’s pursuit of happiness through work, trade, or profession.   This is the fifth and final post in a series that expands on terms heard in architect’s and intern’s circles like BIMJA, CAD-JITSU, WARRIOR INTERN and other notions that metaphorically equate up and coming architects to lethal martial artists. I haven’t had any formal martial arts training. However, the discipline, practice, and

7 Mar 2016

Architecture and Gaming

Dwelling on the architecture in modern immersive gaming environments. Another post in the #ArchiTalks blogging series. #ArchiTalks is organized by Bob Borson at Life of an Architect. A group of architects writes blog posts around a single theme or subject and posts them all at the same time, ensuring a good range of various takes on the subject or theme. Last time we wrote a post on the theme of Tool. This time we write