19 Jan 2015

Numbers Games

Dwelling on Math in Architecture... Life of an Architect's Bob Borson asked for a little blurb to the question about being good at Math, architects being good at math, to be specific. Here's $0.02 that I sent his way.   "Architects should be math ninjas. The aspiring architect should rush headlong into math as if charging into a field of battle. Math is an education in problem solving and of knowing what is asked. There

A Day in the Life of MODarchitect

Dwelling on A Day in the Life...  The fourth post in the #Architaclks blog post series. Introducing The Client to the Super at the topping off ceremonies of Fletcher Town Hall The following is a somewhat accurate recollection of "a day in the life" on nineteenth of November, two thousand fourteen. Information is omitted to protect the guilty, my privacy, your reading pleasure and the innocent from the thoughts I have or things I say when I am

Architectural Story Telling – Discovery of a Passion

The third post in the #Architaclks blog post series.It was another one of those nights.  I floated out of a deep sleep to semi-consciousness.  A pleasant dream stirred and dissolved in the wake of thoughts regarding real life.  This slight disappointment became bitter when the numbers on the clock across the room came into dark focus.  There are oo many minutes before beginning the day to get out of bed, too few to go back to

Coexistance21 Aug 2014

This is Exciting! It All Comes Together

This is the second in a series of posts called #Architalks, organized by Bob Borson at Life of an Architect . #Architalks is a group of architects writing blog posts around a single theme or subject and posting them all at the same time. Last month we took on some common questions about our profession.  This time we write on the theme THIS IS EXCITING.  I hope you enjoy this as well as the other #architalks posts. Be

10 Jul 2014

Ask the architect.

Dwelling on common questions about our profession A handful of architects had pizza at Lou Malnati's (River North) a while back at the American Institute of Architects National Convention.  It was a great way to make real connections with a bunch of online friends and colleagues.  We have all been fortifying that real connection by some great interaction since then through social media and getting really pumped up to carry some serious momentum into the

Novedge Interviews MODarchitect.

Photo by Patrick Sullivan - Hendersonville Times News Earlier this week, Aurora Meneghello of Novedge interviewed Modus Operandi Design Architect Jes Stafford for their blog. See the interview here. It is a great blog post to get to know Jes and the roots of his interest and beginnings in architecture. Have a look. Aurora has been an active participant in the Google+ community, Big Time Small Firm, that Jes founded. She has been a regular

Study Sketch of the Kilpatrick Home Design by MOD14 Jul 2013

Profit, Perils and Preconceptions – The Architect and Residential Home Design Plans

  "Just the plans.  Just the plans, ma'am."When US residents consider a new home, they essentially have two options: select from available listed homes or build a custom home.  When building a custom home, the process often starts with a search of residential home design plans.  There are many ways and places to get house plans but for this post I will refer to them as “plan-services”. When homemakers explore plan-services, they may be told

Town Hall, Fletcher, NC – Topping Off

Setting Steel at the Town Hall Project Recently, we met a major milestone with the Fletcher Town Hall project when Cooper Construction set the cupola atop the roof structure, finishing the highest piece of building. Currently, this is the largest construction administration project with Modus Operandi Design. It is exciting to see the progress so I wanted to share a little of this with you.Check out this short slideshow showing the progress from the initial

The Role of Visionary Interlude – Mexico City Earth-Scraper

Dwelling on Exploration in Design... Why do architects work up and present grand un-built concept projects?  They are entertaining. They are inspiring. They exercise one’s ability to solve problems, develop solutions, and defend ideas, especially during tough times where there are spare hours over the drawing board.  There is unrealized value that builds on the inspiration.  It would be fantastic to know how many people saw the article linked below, and were inspired to the

13 Jun 2013

Hello and welcome!

Dwelling on a blog... What is MODwelling? I have pondered this more than many times since we launched Modus Operandi Design, PLLC. I have certain frustrations for modern policies, politics, and posturing that go into making a great piece of architecture. I also value their place in providing public safety and welfare with artistic value. The balance of frustration with and acceptance of the policies, politics, and posturing is only one example of the dance