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Setting Steel at the Town Hall Project

Recently, we met a major milestone with the Fletcher Town Hall project when Cooper Construction set the cupola atop the roof structure, finishing the highest piece of building. Currently, this is the largest construction administration project with Modus Operandi Design.

It is exciting to see the progress so I wanted to share a little of this with you.
Check out this short slideshow showing the progress from the initial steel structure to the topping-off.
The new Town Hall at the Heart of Fletcher is a $9.7 million project. Three floors totalling 25,000-square-feet will house the police department, council chambers, administrative offices, and conference rooms.

With the topping-off, the crane used for steel erection will be moved to allow for the finish grading at the building’s front. Crews will continue to work on mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection inside the building as masons will continue the exterior veneer. Soon we will pass the next milestone, drying-in followed by the interior finishes. I will update the slideshow with additional shots as the project moves forward.

More information about the work can be found in my bitly bundle for the project. You can also contact Modus Operandi Design about the project, or our learn more about our construction administration services, offered as part of our A la Carte Architect menu.