Dwelling on a blog…


What is MODwelling?

I have pondered this more than many times since we launched Modus Operandi Design, PLLC.

I have certain frustrations for modern policies, politics, and posturing that go into making a great piece of architecture. I also value their place in providing public safety and welfare with artistic value. The balance of frustration with and acceptance of the policies, politics, and posturing is only one example of the dance that life as an architect has taught me. It is a dance of compromise, empathy, and insight. Compromise is building the vision within the project’s means. Empathy is realizing the vision is often that of the client, and not the glossy dream of the designer. Insight discovers the clients’ core project qualities and prepares the glossy dreams for construction.

Now at this point, I guess most readers are bored to tears. Nevertheless, I have bared the soul of my practice at designing and building. Transparency is a goal here.

MODwelling is for a well-rounded audience, sharing the day-to-day value of thoughtful design. I will also post ugly, obnoxious, profane, and unhealthy examples of what happens in a design vacuum for two reasons: they can give a good chuckle and they show what/how not to design or build.

At work, I am a good space fiend, a building science geek, and a building materials/systems connoisseur. At play, I hike, bike, fish, and people watch. Honestly, work and play make a continuum that I occupy while observing people at living and critically analyzing our built environment. Practicing architecture, engineering and construction can be burdensome when the analysis becomes too critical and the science too heavy. Therefore MODwelling will anchor the basic elements of great space and what it takes to make it.

Until next time, live nicely.