Dwelling on… a preview of the final steps and days of this homework project. And some other stuff.

We have had the great time lately with my brother-in-law, Ed,  visiting. Routines are nice and comfortable, but when they get challenged by life’s curve balls, or in-home-guests for a long stay, life get’s interesting.  It gives the opportunity to rediscover local favorites, adjust habits, appreciate new conversations, and value time together.  Below is a picture from (another) hike.  This one at the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site, up to Glassy Mountain.  That is about 3 miles of hiking with a climb up to  2,783′.


Annmarie, Ed, and me in front of Carl Sandburg’s Home.



Well, in doing all that visiting mentioned above, there has been a little less time for work on the porch/deck, but I did manage a few hours of screen tight installation yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.  I worked into the night, while Annmarie and Ed cooked chili and watched football. Here is a video of that effort.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate with finishing up the galvanized corrugated soffit.  That will leave only a few finishing touches, as mentioned in the previous Homework post. Once we are there, look for a more detailed post.


The Way of the Samurai Architect – Two


from Ghostdog

Coming up in the next Way of the Samurai Architect post, I will share some thoughts and experiences on this and another couple of quotes from Hagakure.

In the words of the ancients, one should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths. It is the matter of being determined and having the spirit to break right through to the other side.


Getting Back to Roots

A visit to the new Bass Pros Shops in Memphis, TN built in the re-purposed pyramid.

A visit to the new Bass Pros Shops in Memphis, TN, built in the re-purposed pyramid.

Coming in a post about going home, I will share a few key pieces of my own history that shaped my pursuit of a career in the building industry, and speculate on why I believe the architecture route was chosen. I visited the new Bass Pro Shops in the old pyramid for lunch with my Dad and Pap Pa.  The view from that observation deck up top is pretty amazing – panorama on tap for that post.


Big Time Small Firm (#BTSF)


Big Time Small Firm re-launch

For the last teaser  preview, I want to let the MODwelling readers know, exclusively, a re-launch of Big Time Small Firm is in the works.  It has been about a year hiatus from the Hangouts On Air in that 213 member Google Plus community for architects.  I have re-evaluated Big Time Small Firm’s value to the community members and have a plan to re-introduce what I believe will be some great opportunities to share experiences with one another through that platform.  That will be formerly announced during the holidays and rolled out during 2016 Q1.


So there is the road map, in no particular order, for the posts to come on MODwelling.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to your and yours! Until next time, live nicely.