Dwelling on… the year serving as President of AIA Asheville.

Last Tuesday, on the 15th, we held the 2015 AIA Asheville Christmas Party. There is a write up about it at the Modern Asheville website. In keeping with tradition, I passed the crown, which happens to be a Santa hat to Nathan Bryant of Samsel Architects. I also had the pleasure of announcing that our Executive Assistant, Mary Fierle was voted to Honorary Membership and will be getting state and National recognition next year.


Passing the torch to Nathan Bryant.


I received this certificate from Nathan.


Certificate for the President


The Past President, Stuart Smith, presented me with this awesome print by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The original is a color pencil on tracing paper drawing called The Flag, for the cover of Liberty Magazine.


Frank Lloyd Wright – The Flag


It has been an interesting year and a great volunteer experience.  I would encourage any young architects to volunteer for their local AIA groups and get involved.  It really is a great way to learn about the Institute’s governance, meet other leader/architects from around the country, and become more aware of how your dues money is spent and invested in the best interest of the profession.



We made some good things happen on the AIA Asheville Board this year.  We centralized all emails and document storage using Google Drive and gmail accounts for each board member, that will be passed from one board to the next, achieving good continuity of administration.  We worked with AIA NC to finalize our re-positioning efforts by drafting and agreeing to a Memorandum of Understanding for Core Member Services.  We collaborated with The Collider on a full day of CEU talks and activities on climate awareness and resilient design in the Southeast.  We offered many lunch and learns, monthly section meetings, social meet ups, including our new Designing Women group, and had a great time while doing all of it.


In 2016, I look forward to being the Past-President and presenting Nathan with a gift of appreciation. It holds promise to be another great year for AIA Asheville, and the architectural profession as we continue to generate more awareness about the value of our profession and good architecture.