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Steam rises from a mug of morning goodness to catch the rays of the rising sun that streak sparingly at their shallow angle through the bay window. The spider fern there bends – reaches and joins a dance as a breeze catches the sheer curtains, briefly billowing into the room. The morning breeze makes its way over and buffers the rising steam and makes little ripples in the mug before a chill runs through. Is it a chill of sunrise cold or a tingle of peace and contentment? Maybe it is a shiver brought on by another beautiful spring morning, in that perfect spot on the couch with a hot cup in a great space that has become a favorite place.

Abbé Laugier - Primitive Hut via studyblue.com

Abbé Laugier – Primitive Hut via studylue.com

What does it take to make a space? It does not have to be much. Consider Laugier’s representation of the primitive hut, probably shown to each and every student of architectural history.

What does it take to make a place? Starting with a space and making a place out of it takes a little more. Add some creature comforts, furnishings with color and pattern. Afford some privacy. Provide some shelter. Now this is getting somewhere, and if these place making elements are arranged employing the language, rhythms, harmonies and resonance of good architecture, they might be on the way to making a favorite place.

Think of your favorite place. Think of places to which you return, maybe on a daily basis, like where you enjoy your morning ritual as in the scene described in the opening. Maybe some of your favorite places are revisited after a longer wait, like a salty beach cabana, a cozy café table or a quiet corner in the local coffee shop. In all these favorite places, what is it that makes them so special.


A Cozy Outdoor Room via smallgardenlove.com

A Cozy Outdoor Room via smallgardenlove.com


When I was thinking of that perfect spring morning, again, described in the opening, I remember the qualities of that place, that moment. By dissecting these qualities, we can see how architecture plays a part in making that space a favorite space. Begin with the comfort of that “perfect spot on the couch”. Realize that is the center of the moment, the point from which the qualities and the place are experienced. From that spot there is a convenient place to set a mug. That ensemble sits in a room with a bay window that faces a direction that allows a sliver of morning sun to shine through. The window is operable making way for a breeze. Not only natural ventilation but a means to animate the space with the “billowing” sheer curtains dancing with the spider fern and circling back to the steam rising from the mug.

Favorite places start with good design and architecture that fades with comfort. It becomes integral to life by becoming a natural extension of living. Through that ease, the special moments that can happen in these places can take center stage and become those perfect times that become your favorites. Please take a moment a leave a comment to share one of your favorite spaces and what makes it perfect for you.



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