Custom Tailored to Fit Your Project

When considering  how Modus Operandi Design can help on your project, consider A la Carte Architect services vs. Full Service Architect services. Follow the links to the respective web pages to learn more about each approach.  There are benefits to Full Service Architect services to consider; single point of contact throughout the project, enforced design integrity until completion, third party verification for contractor, progress and payments and architectural solutions to any issues that arise during construction.  However, A la Carte Architect services might be a better fit for your project.

I appreciate your time and this opportunity to serve. I look forward to learning more about your project. Contact MOD today to get your project started.


“Architects are needed to create a home that’s both attractive, durable and uses space efficiently. Getting an architect that’s experienced and certified/licensed is a must.  Both businesses and homeowners can use architects to their benefit. As a custom home builder, we hire architects for full services. Space efficiency and durability are key in making a dream home functional and having it last, especially though bad weather, settling ground, and time itself. Not to mention, it gives our clients piece of mind that a seasoned, professional architect is structurally designing their home.  Whether a Full Service Architect or A la Carte Architecture are needed depends completely on each situation. Businesses like ours find it more beneficial using the full service while DIY’ers might benefit more from the a la carte option.”

~  Savannah Rieke of B.L. Rieke & Associates, Inc. on