Dwelling on… Leveraging Periscope and Anchor to enhance the modarchitect social media presence.



Announcement for the : : Ride with MODarchitect # AskTheArchitect : : afternoon periscope broadcast.

Engaging vs. Consuming

I have been delivering tidbits of architectural narrative content, one social media bite at a time and this post is to tell you a little about that operation. After transitioning to McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, a career move you can read about here, I have been wondering how best to utilize the time on the road to and from the new studio. I went thorough hours of audio books and podcasts before I realized there was a way to make that time more active/engage than passive/consume. This is one of the best things about the online world: there are abundant ways to log on, download, or turn up channels to share knowledge and the message. That prolific open communication is also a detractor, as there are lots of less-than-desirable or bad messages.  If you have had an email address for any amount of time, then you know this. Even that low form of digital communication is ubiquitous with the advent of SPAM that assumes you would like to receive the endowment of African Kings or get your penis enlarged. Now, even women get the penis enlargement messages… computers are becoming gender-neutral-politically-correct.


My face may be on the screen a lot, but the scenery can be shared in a click

My face may be on the screen a lot, but the scenery can be shared in a click

Face Time

Apple got it right.  The early innovation dual camera arrangement on the iPhone was all about showing the face of two people that were communicating remotely AND allowing the participants to easily switch between cameras if they wanted to show the others in the conversation what they were seeing, instead of their face. That is how I use Periscope  (click to see it) to turn a hum drum commute into an engaging opportunity. : : Ride with MODarchitect #AskeTheArchitect #commutertalk : : is born! I currently broadcast LIVE twice daily. Once at around 7:15 in the morning, Easter, weather and traffic permitting. Then again around 17:45 or 5:45 in the afternoon, Eastern, weather and traffic permitting. Join me live to chat about your ideas and thoughts on architecture.  I also to an “open mic Friday” where the subject matter can get loose and fast, about whatever people chat up on the screen.


These videos are the key to building and SEO strategy

These videos are the key to building and SEO strategy

Video Bank

Many years back, I started an online community of architects called Big Time Small Firm, feature in this post. I have only been doing #AskTheArchitect for about a month now, and already, I have more video backlog built up than in the 4-5 years of Big Time Small Firm Hangouts on Air.  These will come in handy once I get the : : Ride with MODarchitect : :  Youtube Channel online. Youtube is an excellent SEO booster, as it is owned and operated by Google.


Radio By The People


Audio Twitter

Even 140 characters a tweet is too many for some social media shy to break the ice and get out there online. Enter Anchor. Yes I am trying that also. Imagine leaving a 2 minute voicemail to the millions out in the social media universe, wrapping it in a little caption, then having them reply back if your message made a connection or struck a nerve with anyone of them… That is how I best describe Anchor.  Click on the icon above to check it out.


A Spring Instagram

A Spring Instagram

Pleasantries, Formalities (and the Return of Etiquette?)

That is the news from the early adopter front of the Social Media Interaction Universe.


Please leave your thoughts on all things social media in the comments below, and feel free to link your your channels!


This is your Avitar Activist, modarchitect, signing off.  Until next time, live nicely!