Dwelling on… Summer with a new  and trusted family companion.


Another post in the #ArchiTalks blogging series. #ArchiTalks is organized by Bob Borson at Life of an Architect. A group of architects writes blog posts around a single theme or subject and posts them all at the same time, ensuring a good range of various takes on the subject or theme. Last time, before a little break, we wrote a post on the theme of “Dear Future Architect…”. This time we write on the theme of SUMMER. I hope you enjoy this as well as the other #ArchiTalks posts. Be sure to check out all the links below and search #ArchiTalks on Twitter and other social media.


[dog sounds] Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says ” I like my DOG better than most PEOPLE.” I always think those drivers should pick better friends… I guess that is where the “most” comes in.


This summer, that dog-theme hits close to home. You see, we’ve rescued our second four legged canine kid; our fourth rescue pet if you count cats. So, that’s all I wanted to share. Meet Buster! He was rescued by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Being summer, I’m sure you’ve got some (indoor) activity other than blog consumption calling for your attention and time.



We have certainly had a fun packed summer, full of hard work and hard play. I hope yours is going well too!

Until next time, Live Nicely!





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