Dwelling on… Changes for Modus Operandi Design and an exciting new chapter in my career journey in architecture.



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A couple of blog posts ago, I did a preview of future posts.  Look for those in the forthcoming weeks. For today, though, I would like to share with you some exciting news about transitions at MOD.



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After nearly five years of running a start-up firm, the time has come to begin a new chapter. On December the 29th (tomorrow at blog time) I have my first day as a full time team member at McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture. Many factors play into the decision to make this exciting transition away from small business ownership. Without going into the minutiae about projections, target markets, and quarterly P & L reports, suffice it to say that Modus Operandi Design is simply not leading to the place where my partner and I envisioned and planned for nearly five years ago when we set out to build this practice. It is neither leading there nor showing immediate signs of leading there. So, in evaluating options, joining a well established firm that is doing spectacular and inspiring work with a growing team over a broad regional area has come out on top. McMillan Pazdan Smith is all that and more.



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MOD Changes

While I begin with the new position, I will wrap up and close out all my current projects. I will also be working on adjusting the type of services that MOD provides, to be more in harmony with my new position. I will be shifting the corporate mission for Modus Operandi Design from providing architectural services to consulting directly to interns, architects and aspiring entrepreneur architects. There are some great resources out there for small firm practitioners: Entrepreneur Architect, Business of Architecture, to name a couple. There also seems to be lots of encouragement for young architects to become entrepreneurs and start their own firms. I plan on referring plenty of aspiring young architects to Entrepreneur Architect and Business of Architecture. I also intend on providing my point of view and advice from an architect that went that route, and decided to go back. Everyone can find an entrepreneurial niche. I will be here to help young architects decide if running a firm is the niche for them.



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There is going to be plenty I have to write about, so the blog is going to stay right here and continue on the weekly post schedule. In fact, the MODwelling Blog will take up a more prominent position on the website, as the MOD focus begins to change. #Architalks posts will still be here. #DesignersBuilding posts will still be here, as we finish the porch project and move on to other home improvements.


So many thanks to you for taking this journey with me. I look forward to sharing it with you. Until next time, live nicely!

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  • All the best Jes on this new chapter. Nothing stays the same and it takes real courage to make a change. Besides all of the “business” reasons for doing this, I hope it’s just pure fun.

  • Matthew Stanfield

    I have a feeling this was not an easy decision, as i know it would not be for me. I wish you the best of luck as your career path takes this shift.

    • You are so right, Matthew. Starting a company is simialar to having a child, or getting married. I was bound and determined to give it due time. After that… it really started to become clear that nothing that I could do was going to make us approach the firm’s goals.

      So now I’ve decided to change direction. The exciting thing is that I can focus on MPS full time, and keep MOD alive as a passive income vehicle.

      It is refreshing to have the combination of an established and highly respected firm with my own business interest in play.

      I’ll keep my priorities straight, aligned with MPS

  • Congratulations, Jes. This is a bold and informed decision you’ve made. I wish you great success in this new direction!

    • Thank you Collier. It really has been an eye opener, how much I’ve under estimated the role of a team dynamic in my attitude toward practice. I’m looking forward to getting started.